On this page I've assembled some of the best video tutorials on YouTube for understanding the game of go. If you want to read about the rules first(not necessary) I've written an introduction here: Go Game Rules.

Understanding the Rules of Go

Lets start of by explaining the rules. The first 4 videos are well known in the go community, simply because these videos are very good introductory videos for the game of go.

The next two videos were made by the American Go Association(AGA). They use a scoring system similar to the Chinese scoring system, instead of the more popular Japanese scoring system. The main difference between the AGA/Chinese and the Japanese scoring rules is that the stones themselves are worth 1 point each in the AGA/Chinese rules, as the guy in the videos below points out. Under the Japanese rules, the stones themselves do not add to the score(unless captured). Do not sweat these differences too much though, the amount of point difference between black and white are usually identical no matter what scoring system one uses.

Key concepts and strategies

Now that we understand the rules of the game, it's important to understand how to actually play. By that I mean there are 361 points on the board, for someone that is new to the game(or experienced for that matter) it can be quite confusing to know where to place a stone. Compared to for example chess where all the pieces are already on the board, there is a lot more "freedom" in go, which can be quite overwhelming. Lets try to clear some of the confusion up.

Here is a video explaining some basic concepts in go. This video covers a lot. If you are a complete beginner, don't feel bad if you didn't understand everything. The sequences he shows, although common, are not important to memorize if you haven't played many games yet. The key points to take away from this video is where to play in the opening and playing efficient moves.

There is a lot more to learn in the game of go. What helped me the most was to read go books and to keep playing games. You can read my go book reviews here: go book reviews.

If you have any questions regarding go, feel free to message me or comment on my YouTube Channel: DragonfistGaming. Suggestions for new videos are very welcomed. Perhaps I can make a video regarding your question!