Hello all go/baduk/weiqi players, and welcome to my website dedicated to this beautiful game. Here you'll find reviews for books, video and written tutorials, various articles and so on. Take a look around. Hope you'll like it!


For those of you who don't know much about go, go is basically an abstract board-mind-game similar to chess. Unlike chess though, go isn't that popular in the West(yet), but it's very popular in East-Asian countries and globally beats chess. The game of go is really old and has an interesting history, it even has legends: Baduk Legends.

If you are completely new to go, you should check out the: Go Game Rules page and/or take a look at the: Go Video Tutorials page, there I've assembled the best introductory go videos I could find. I also urge you to check out: Baduk Resource Guide, where you'll find plenty of baduk videos organized by difficulty level, as well as some interesting tools and sites that I've come across over the years.

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I also have a YouTube channel where I make go videos: DragonfistGaming.

Now lets learn baduk! ^_^