Baduk/Weiqi/Go Videos for Single Digit Kyus

In this section you will find baduk videos for single digit kyu players. There are plenty of videos on this page!

First, here are some go videos from Kang Seung-hee's workshop for single digit kyus.

Here are 10 videos from a lecture on joseki by Guo Juan.

Here is Catalin Taranu, a 5 dan professional, with a lecture about what he calls the 1-2-3 principle. Very cool stuff.

He also gave a lesson on the end-game at the 52nd European Go Congress. Double digit kyus will also benefit from watching these videos.

Catalin shows some interesting joseki variations here. This should also be good stuff for dan level players.

In the last baduk videos Catalin shows us an interesting game that he played. The main theme in this game is how to play a good fuseki(opening). He also shows some tesujis and good analysis of board positions. There are more Catalin weiqi videos on the videos for dan players page on this website!