I'm a Norwegian guy who's been playing go since the summer of 2007. What got me into go was the anime Hikaru No Go. If you like anime(Japanese cartoons) you should definitely check it out, it's a very good series, and a big reason for the increasing popularity of go in the West.

I like to play online, and mostly on the Kiseido Go Server. My username there is acceleratr and my current level is 2 dan, so you can find me there if you want to play a game or just chat.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload lectures and live game commentary. I explain my thinking as I play: youtube.com/user/DragonfistGaming.

If you have any recommendations, questions or thoughts about this website feel free to contact me on my twitter: twitter.com/Fredrik9000. I used to direct people to my e-mail address but it just got flooded with spam so it's much better to contact me on twitter instead. There I'll see the message immediately. ^^

I'm also a fan of anime, if it wasn't for anime I would probably not have discovered go to begin with. If you too are an anime fan feel free to add me on myanimelist: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Dragonfist.