There are a lot of resources about go on the web. I made this page to help direct newcomers as well as those with experience to various tools, videos and websites I've found to be helpful. If you feel that something is missing, feel free to send me a message on twitter or YouTube. Bookmarking this page may be a good idea for future reference, as I will continue to update it. ^^

In addition to the links below, I want to mention that I have a YouTube channel myself where I upload Go videos. I give live game commentary for my games mainly on the 5 dan level on Tygem and World Baduk. I also review games from weaker players and have started a lecture series. I plan on making videos both for ddk and sdk players: DragonfistGaming's YouTube channel

Anyway, enough self-promoting. Below are a bunch of resources I believe you should check out!

Good Baduk Video Tutorial Websites

Guo Juan's Internet Go School
Guo Juan's Internet Go School is a paid website run by Guo Juan(5p) that features lectures from her and other professional players. There are over 1100 lectures and each cost 1 euro for 1 month access. There's also a yearly subscription model where one gets 1 year of access to all lessons for 100 euros, or pay 150 euros and also get access to the training system, which are problems made for the lectures. This training feature is very well done. Most of the lessons have an accompening set of problems that you can do, and you can do multiple sets of problems at the same time. When you do these problems you can evaluate how easy you thought a given problem was, which will determine how long it will be until you'll get the same problem again.

The older lessons are about 40 minutes long, sometimes lasting up to an hour, while the newer ones are usually around 15-20 minutes, all priced at 1 euro. The newer lectures tend to have better audio. It's easy to find the lecture you want from their navigation categories, and if you are looking for a specific shape they have a pattern search tool where you can search for lectures with specific patterns.

I am a member of internet go school myself and have been for several years, I highly recommend it.

Yunguseng Dojang
Yunguseng Dojang is an online go school and KGS go league run by In-seong Hwang(EGF 8 dan). There are 3 free lectures on his website, but to watch more one must become a paid member. I've been a member myself where I also played in his league which costs extra. In-seong gives 3 lectures each month and reviews all league games(players get 5 games a month). Do realize though, that he, and his extra teachers, spends about 1-1,5 hours reviewing 4 or 5 games, so there's limited time for questioning, and it's not really the same as having a private teacher who will spend more time with you.

I must say that the best part about being a member is getting access to all of the previous lectures and reviews, everything gets recorded and uploaded to In-seong's website which has over 150 lessons and thousands of games reviewed. The lectures he gives are some of the best I've seen, so If you don't feel like or can't afford to play in the league the best option may therefore be to become a "spectator", which gets you access to all of the videos for a little less than half the price of being a league player. However at 100 euros for 3 months it's still much more expensive than the lectures on Guo Juan's website. In any case I recommend that you check out his 3 free videos.

Baduk Movies
Baduk Movies is a website run by Kim Ouweleen(EGF 4 Dan) and Peter Brouwer(EGF 6 Dan) with free baduk video tutorials. They used to have a subscription model where one paid 8 Euro a month for some extra videos to watch. They have stopped making videos for now unfortunately.

Online Baduk Analyzers & Tests

Test Your Rank
This is a website made by Alexandre Dinerchtein(3p) where you can test your rank by answering 20 baduk questions(Take the result with a grain of salt).

Discover Your Go Style
Another website made by Alexandre Dinerchtein(3p), where you can discover your go style.

Go Strength & Style Estimator
This websites analyzes your games(either from KGS or a zip file), and gives you an estimation of what it believes your go strength is, along with what style you have. This was surprisingly accurate when I sampled some of my own accounts and some of my friends accounts.

Fuseki and joseki statistics on tygem
Webiste that have staticstics for joseki and opening movies with win percentages and number of times played.

Professional Go Game Archives

There are many game archives online, but some you need to register(and pay) to view games, while others have terrible interfaces. Here are some good websites where you'll find professional games:

Has many commented games. You need to register to download SGFs(it's free).

Baduk Movies Pro Game Collection

Go Kifu

Pattern Search Tools

There are several pattern search websites, but many of them just aren't very good. These are the best ones in my opinion:

Waltheri's Go Pattern Search

Baduk Movies Pattern Search

Online Life & Death(Tsumego) Problems
A free to use website containing about 8500 problems submitted by players from around the world.

This is a paid website($12 a year) which has 30.000+ problems, but you may try it for free. Not sure what the limitations of the trial is.

World Baduk
World Baduk is first and foremost an online go server. The cool thing about World Baduk though is that through the software you can access some 2000 go problems for free.

Free Baduk Editors

Panda gGo
SGF editor and client for IGS. Works on several platforms.

CGoban 3
SGF editor and client for KGS. You need Java installed to run this.

A pretty decent free editor for Windows. I don't really use it myself so can't say much about it, but it seems to have some different tools and whatnot.

Not my favourite editor, but what's great about it is that it can read Tygem files(which other editors can't), which you can then save as SGF files(which all editors can open). This is for Windows.

Online Baduk Shops

The worlds biggest online shop. Offers go equipment from many different vendors.

Mr. Kuroki
This is a Japanese website(in English), so everything is shipped from Japan. I haven't ordered from here myself, but if you want high quality stuff this is a good place to look, since Mr. Kuroki has a lot of genuine kaya boards and slate & shell stones. These are of course more expensive but he also has less expensive stuff.

Go shop keima
This is a Dutch shop that ship world wide. I ordered some books from here and it was a fast and reliable delivery.